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Brushed cotton is known for being a soft and comfortable fabric that is gentle against skin and has a simply luxurious feel, without the price tag. Brushed cotton fabric is made by brushing the cotton on the face side which removes lint and fibres that create an uneven texture, creating the smooth, perfectly soft finish.

Here at UK Fabrics Online, we know how popular brushed cotton is for all kinds of products, which is why we sell brushed cotton fabric by the metre for an affordable price. So, whether you’re in the market for brushed cotton fabric for pyjamas, bedding or any other kind of project, you won’t find better-brushed cotton in the UK than at UK Fabrics Online.

Brushed cotton is particularly popular for making soft furnishings for the home as well as children’s clothes due to the soft and gentle feel of the fabric making it perfect for cushion covers alongside baby clothes. The wide array of colours available in our brushed cotton collection means you needn’t ever feel limited by what you can create using this fabric with our selection ranging from understated neutrals to bold and bright shades. 

Brushed Cotton Fabric

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