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Classy but a little quirky, paisley print fabric is known for being bold whilst still being tasteful and is used for making all kinds of products. Often associated with the high-end fabric retailer, Liberty, paisley fabric is always in high demand for a variety of different items including clothing, accessories such as scarves and makeup bags as well as soft furnishings for the home.

Our selection of paisley pattern fabric covers a variety of colour schemes to suit whatever kind of look you’re trying to achieve. From bright colours to more subtle shades, each paisley print design is also slightly unique, meaning no two products made with the fabric will ever be the same. As well as a variety of colours, we’ve also got paisley fabric in a selection of finishes and types, both affordable and luxury, depending on your price point.

From soft silks perfect for scarves and shirts to classic cottons that are ideal for making t-shirts and home accessories, whatever your needs are for finding the perfect paisley print fabric, we can guarantee that here at UK Fabrics Online, we’ll have the ultimate paisley print material for you. 

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