Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta is a soft, smooth textured fabric usually made from silk that is commonly considered to be a luxurious, high-quality material that is ideal for all kinds of different uses. From wedding dresses to other items of clothing, wall coverings to curtains, there are so many different things that can be made using taffeta fabric which is why we’ve got such an extensive selection to choose from.

We have taffeta in a variety of colours, so no matter what your design brief, you’ll find the perfect type of taffeta at UK Fabrics Online. Available to purchase by the metre so you can order as much as you need with ease, our range of taffeta fabric is affordable as well as high quality.

A soft to touch fabric thanks to being made with silk or other similar fibres, taffeta is gentle against skin but also has an eye-catching sheen, one of the characteristics of this fabric that makes it such a popular choice for high-end fashion.