Ventile L24™ - Breathable Waterproof Outerwear Cotton

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Compostition: 100% Cotton with DWR Coating

Width: 150cm

Weight: 200gsm

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Ventile L24 is a light weight, windproof, breathable waterproof cotton fabric ideal for outerwear garments. Ventile have produced high quality cotton fabrics for the Military and Outdoor clothing manufacturers since the late 1930's and in the fashion and over the last three decades for the fashion and luxury goods sectors.

Ventile L24 is a high grade cotton fabric which is spun, twisted, woven and dyed/finished in Switzerland following the highest quality standards. The yarns are made of purely extra long staple fibres (only 2% of world crop). These twisted yarns are being woven in such a tight manner that the finished fabric withstands harsh weather conditions (rain showers and strong winds. The natural cotton fibre enables a wearing comfort (breathability), which can never be reached with synthetic materials. Soft handle and natural aesthetical look are other plus factors of this fabric. 

Specification Measurement Standard
Threads/cm Warp 81  
Threads/cm Weft 30  
Breaking Strength Warp 1100 N/50mm DIN EN ISO 13937-1
Breaking Strength Weft 600 N/50mm DIN EN ISO 13937-1
Tear Strength Warp 1200g  
Tear Strength Weft 750g  
Dimensional Stability 30ºC Wash Warp +/-3.0 ISO 6330
Dimensional Stability 30ºC Wash Weft +/-3.0 ISO 6330
Water Repellency Rating 4 Bundesmann 30 Min Test
Water Asbsorption 10% Bundesmann 30 Min Test
Water Pentration 0mm Bundesmann 30 Min Test
Hydrostatic Head 750mm DIN ES 20811
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FeaturesBreathable, Durable, Lightweight, Showerproof, Water Resistant, Waterproof
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