Waterproof Fabric

There’s a number of different reasons you may need waterproof fabric. You may need it for making clothing, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, shoes or a variety of other items but whatever you need your water-resistant fabric for, you’ll find a great selection here at UK Fabrics Online.

One of our biggest departments, we’re passionate about supplying wholesalers, retailers and home crafters with the best possible range of waterproof fabrics to choose from, hence we now have such an extensive collection to choose from. As well as a variety of actual materials to choose from, we also have a diverse selection of coloured and patterned waterproof fabric to explore, so you can create a multitude of designs without ever feeling restricted by a limited array of materials.

As one of the top suppliers of waterproof fabric in the UK, it’s no surprise that we’ve made it easy and affordable to purchase water repellent fabric from us. We sell our waterproof materials by the metre, so you can buy as much or as little as you need for a reasonable price and avoid wastage in the process.

Don’t look any further for your waterproof fabric than UK Fabrics Online.