Does Upholstery Fabric Need To Be Fire Retardant In The UK?

17th April, 2023

does upholstery fabric need to be fire retardant in the uk





Does Upholstery Fabric Need To Be Fire Retardant In The UK?

Upholstery fabrics play a crucial role in everyone’s homes and offices, adding a touch of comfort and style.

However, when it comes to fire safety, choosing the right fabric is essential to protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential hazards.

But, does upholstery fabric need to be fire retardant in the UK? Let’s start with what really is fire retardant upholstery fabric.



What is Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabric?


Fire retardant upholstery fabric is specially designed to reduce the spread of fire and slow down its combustion.

The fabric has been chemically treated to make it less flammable and easier to burn, making it a safer alternative for interior design and furniture.

In public facilities with strict fire safety rules, such hotels, hospitals, and schools, fire resistant upholstery fabric is frequently utilised.



Does Upholstery Fabric Need to be Fire Retardant in the UK?




Yes, for businesses, upholstery fabric needs to be fire retardant in the UK.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for all upholstered furniture businesses to meet certain fire safety standards to protect consumers from potential fire hazards.

This means, as a business owner, it is your duty to make sure that your furniture fabric complies with fire safety regulations since failing to do so may result in legal action, penalties, and reputational harm.



Example of Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabrics




Non Businesses


No, for customers, upholstery fabric doesn’t need to be fire retardant in the UK.

There is no requirement for customers who want to purchase fabric to upholster furniture themselves.

As a customer, you are free to choose between fire retardant and non-fire retardant upholstery fabric based on your preferences and needs.



Example of Non Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabrics




Why is Fire Retardant Upholstery Fabric Important?


Any building faces a substantial risk from fire, which may spread quickly, inflict severe harm, and endanger lives.

So, for that reason, fire retardant upholstery fabric is essential for fire safety in our homes and public places.

Although it won’t prevent a fire from happening, fire retardant upholstery materials are intended to contain and delay the spread of fire, giving crucial time for escape and emergency action.



Extra Benefits of Fire Retardant Fabrics


  • Peace of Mind by choosing fire retardant upholstery fabric, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furniture is safer and less likely to catch fire.


  • Durability which means fire retardant fabrics is often more durable and long-lasting than non-fire retardant fabrics, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.


  • Improved Fire Safety Rating – As a business owner, is important to have a high fire safety rating of your building, making it a more attractive option for tenants or customers and that is where it comes the fire retardant fabrics. It can also help you meet fire safety regulations and requirements set by insurance companies.


  • Reducing Liability – Also important for business owners, if your upholstery fabric is not fire retardant, you could be held liable for damages and injuries caused by a fire. Using fire retardant upholstery fabric can reduce your liability and protect you from potential legal action.





How can I tell if my upholstery fabric is fire retardant?

You can check the label or ask the manufacturer to confirm if the fabric meets the required fire safety regulations.


Is fire retardant upholstery fabric more expensive than non-fire retardant fabric?

Fire retardant upholstery fabric can be slightly more expensive than non-fire retardant fabric due to the additional chemical treatment and testing required. However, it is a worthwhile investment for the added safety and peace of mind.



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