Our Latest Collection: William Morris Printed Velvet Upholstery Fabric

November 24th, 2023

  Introducing our latest plush velvet upholstery fabrics! This one is inspired by William Morris and are designed for a seamless blend of durability, softness, beautiful aesthetics and luxurious style. Crafted from high-quality 100% polyester, our William Morris Printed Plush Velvet Collection comes in at a weight of 290gsm, ensuring not only a luxurious feel […]

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Our Latest Collection: Alba Fire Retardant Tartan Upholstery Fabric

November 6th, 2023

  When it comes to fire retardant upholstery fabrics that combine safety and Tartan style, our Alba Fire Retardant Tartan Upholstery Fabric takes the lead. Crafted from 100% polyester and boasting a substantial weight of 550gsm, this fabric offers exceptional fire resistance and durability. With its classic tartan pattern and remarkable composition, Alba Fire Retardant […]

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Is Corduroy Suitable for Upholstery?

November 3rd, 2023

    Is corduroy suitable for upholstery? When it comes to choosing upholstery fabric for your furniture, you are probably familiar with options like leather, faux leather, velvet and many others. In this blog post, we will delve into corduroy’s suitability, its unique qualities, advantages and answer the question if you should get Corduroy for […]

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Our Latest Collection: Texas Distressed Faux Leather FR Upholstery Fabric

September 29th, 2023

  When it comes to upholstery materials, Texas Distressed Faux Leather Fire Retardant has always been a popular choice due to its durability, rugged charm, and fire-resistant properties. Among the various upholstery fabrics available, Distressed Faux Leather stands out as a high quality option. In this blog post, we delve into everything about our latest […]

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Understanding Flame Retardant and Fire Retardant Fabrics

September 22nd, 2023

    In today’s world, prioritizing safety is paramount, and one critical aspect of this is understanding flame retardant and fire retardant fabrics. In this blog post we will understand how these fabrics play a pivotal role in ensuring fire prevention and safety, making them indispensable in various residential and commercial applications.   What is […]

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Is Chenille Fabric Good for Upholstery?

July 22nd, 2023

  When it comes to upholstery fabric, one question that often arises is, “Is chenille fabric good for upholstery?” Chenille fabric is well loved (we included) by homeowners and interior designers because of its softness and toughness. In this blog post, we will examine the characteristics of chenille fabric in this post and determine whether […]

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How to Pick Your First Upholstery Fabric for Furniture

July 10th, 2023

  Wondering how to pick your first upholstery fabric for furniture? Choosing the appropriate upholstery fabric for your first upholstery project is a crucial step in creating a comfortable and stylish living space that matches your taste. Your choice of fabric will have a significant impact on the overall look, feel, and longevity of your […]

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What Is Corduroy Fabric?

July 3rd, 2023

  The answer to the question of “What Is Corduroy Fabric?” is quite common and that is why we are here today! Corduroy fabric is truly special, thanks to its distinctive ribbed texture, durability, comfort, versatility, and vintage charm. In this blog post we will explore the unique qualities of corduroy that make it a […]

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What is the Difference Between Crushed Velvet and Plush Velvet?

June 23rd, 2023

    When it comes to velvet fabric, the difference between crushed velvet and plush velvet lies in their distinctive features, production methods, and common applications. In this blog post, we will explore the unique qualities of crushed velvet and plush velvet and understand what sets them apart.     What is Crushed Velvet?   […]

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Is Corduroy 100% Cotton?

June 13th, 2023

    Although corduroy has long been a mainstay of fashion, have you ever questioned if it is 100% Cotton? In this blog post, we will examine the components of corduroy, look at different fabric combinations and talk about corduroy in general.   What is Corduroy Fabric?   Corduroy is a textile fabric characterized by […]

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