What Is Waxed Cotton Fabric?

16th May, 2023

Waxed Cotton Fabrics


Are you intrigued by what is waxed cotton fabric, the reminiscent of the iconic Barbour jackets? Prepare to be captivated as we dive into the world of this extraordinary textile.



What is Waxed Cotton Fabric?


Waxed cotton fabric is a type of textile that has been treated with a wax coating to enhance its performance and durability by adding water repellent capabilities.

Wax is applied to the cotton fabric surface during the waxing process, penetrating the fibres to create a layer of protection.

This treatment creates a water-resistant and windproof fabric with increased strength and longevity.


Waxed Cotton Fabrics



Wax Cotton Fabric Properties



The water-repellent quality of waxed cotton fabric is one of its most distinctive features.

It keeps you dry and safe whether you’re caught in an unexpected downpour or venturing out on a rainy outdoor trip.



Waxed cotton fabric offers good windproofing in addition to its water resistant qualities.

By acting as a barrier, the wax covering efficiently prevents frigid winds from touching your skin. since of this quality, waxed cotton is a great material for outerwear since it offers a dependable defence against bad weather.



Fabric made of waxed cotton is recognised for its excellent toughness.

Waxed cotton will hold up to the rigours of your excursions whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors or going about your regular routines.



Despite being windproof and water resistant, waxed cotton fabric is surprisingly breathable. Even with the wax covering, cotton retains its inherent ability to breathe.

You won’t feel damp or overheated since moisture and extra heat can escape through the cloth.

Wearing clothing made of waxed cotton is often more comfortable since it allows you to control your body temperature.



Fabric made of waxed cotton has several uses and is used in many different industries.

It is frequently used in outdoor clothing including jackets and coats. Additionally used in bags, backpacks, tents, and other outdoor gear.



Waxed cotton fabric has endured the test of time due to its traditional and timeless charm.

It has a long history, and the fact that it continues to be popular speaks volumes about its attractiveness.

Waxed cotton fabric has retained its position as a classic option for individuals looking for both style and usefulness, from its beginnings as a protective material for sailors to its adoption into modern fashion.



Waxed cotton fabric has a significant sustainability feature where it is mostly constructed of renewable and biodegradable natural cotton fibres.

Also, certain eco-friendly or natural waxes are used in waxed cotton materials, which lessens the impact on the environment.

It is a sustainable option for conscientious customers because of its lifespan and resilience, which lessen the need for regular replacements.



What Are Waxed Cotton Fabrics Good for?


Outdoor Clothing


It is commonly used for outdoor clothing such as jackets, coats, and hats.

Outdoor Gear


The water-repellent properties of waxed cotton make it an ideal choice for outdoor gear like bags, tents and backpacks.


Waxed cotton fabric is used in the creation of accessories such as wallets, pouches, and footwear.



Waxed cotton is popular among crafters and DIY enthusiasts. It can be used for a wide range of projects, including bags, aprons, and even book covers.



Waxed Cotton Fabrics



Caring for Waxed Cotton Fabrics


The quality of waxed cotton fabric must be preserved via proper upkeep and care.

To eliminate dirt and debris, regular cleaning should be done using a soft brush or cloth.

If required, apply a gentle soap or specialised waxed cotton cleaner.

Avoid dry cleaning and machine washing since these processes might remove the wax layer.

To keep the fabric’s water resistance, spot cleaning and reproofing with wax or a specific reproofing chemical are advised.



Does Waxed Cotton Rub Off?


No, waxed cotton fabric does not typically rub off.

The fabric’s wax coating is intended to last and stick to the cotton fibres, while some minor wax transfer may happen at first, especially with heavy friction or rubbing.

During the production process, the wax is applied and ingrained into the fabric, maintaining its integrity and supplying its water-repellent and windproof capabilities.





Are Waxed Cotton Fabrics 100% Waterproof?


Despite having good water resistance, waxed cotton fabric is not completely waterproof.

It is very resistant to moisture penetration because to the wax coating, which forms a barrier that repels water.



Can You Put Waxed Cotton in the Washing Machine?


Waxed cotton fabrics should not be machined washed.

The vibration of the washing machine and strong detergents can peel away the wax coating, reducing its ability to resist water and perhaps harming the fabric.

Instead, it is advised to only spot-clean waxed cotton cloth as required.

Wipe away any dirt or stains with a gentle cloth or brush and if needed, you may also spot-clean particular spots using a waxed cotton cleaner or a light soap.



Can Waxed Cotton be Ironed?


It should not be ironed directly. The heat from an iron can melt or damage the wax coating, leading to undesirable effects on the fabric’s appearance and functionality.

If your waxed cotton garment is wrinkled, it’s best to avoid using an iron and instead try steaming or hanging it in a steamy bathroom to help remove the wrinkles.



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