New Modern Look, Same Best Quality Fabrics

7th March, 2023


Hello and welcome to the UK Fabrics Online blog! Today’s blog post is different. Normally we write about everything textiles but today…today is all about something that we have been working on for the past 3 months.

As a textiles company, we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends and technologies to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible.


So, what is happening?

After much research and analysis, we realized that our old website was not meeting the needs of our customers.

We received feedback that our navigation, especially our main menu was confusing, the structure and hierarchy was conflicting with each other, and that our site lacked visual appeal.

It was clear to us that we needed to take action and give our customers the best possible online shopping experience.


This is when we decided to revamp our website!

And thus began the work behind-the-scenes.

We spent countless hours brainstorming and researching what changes we could make to improve our website.

We wanted to create a website that not only met our customer’s needs but also reflected our distinctive assets like our icon and logo, the shade of blue that represents us, the way we wanted to brand ourselves and our values and beliefs that we provide the best quality fabrics our customers are looking for.

We worked with a team of designers and developers to create a modern and updated layout that was more in line with our brand identity.


Website Revamp


What exactly did we do?


– First and foremost, we needed a new design. A different design layout, more modern and better structured was the first task. Using our brand guidelines as a starting point and the creativity of our designs, the end goal is something that we are very proud of, and hopefully, you will like it too. Less array of colours, focus on our colour, better hierarchy in the website, a bit of decluttering here and there and that was it…not much but it was a lot!

– A few improvements needed to happen and the functionality of the site, such as making it even more user-friendly and better mobile optimized was the first one we addressed. Not that the old website was slow and not very intuitive, but we believe there is always room for improvement and that is what we did. Always go for that extra mile!

– Something else we have wanted to change for a while was the look and quality of our fabric pictures. Having a consistent look, different angles, more colour accuracy, better quality overall. That is when we decided to hire a product photographer to re-do all of our pictures which I must say, took a few weeks, but worth the wait.

– Improved search filter menu for customers when shopping and choosing their fabrics was another one. Added extra filter options but more importantly, we made it fixed to the screen, which means it follows you while you scroll up and down so you can apply filters at any time.

– There was also room for improvement in regards to website speed. Although the old website was very fast and responsive, we tweaked (I mean, the developers tweaked, me personally, know nothing about computers…) a few things and it is now even faster, especially when using our search bar at the top.


New Features:

– To make the shopping experience even more enjoyable for our customers, we added a few things. Not only buying but also learning and understanding about fabric. Based on my last sentence, it beautifully segways into the first addition which is our Blog!

– We started our blog in december with the aim to educate and provide value to everyone. There is a lot of misunderstanding online and as fabric experts, we came up with a blog to share that information. All of our content is written by us, based on our expertise and years of dealing with textiles and everything in between. We might start a series of guest blogging but for now, we are enjoying this new path. We believe that this will not only educate our customers but also help to strengthen our relationship with them.

– Something else that we are very proud ofΒ  adding to the new website is The “Shop by Use” feature which allows customers to easily browse fabrics based on their intended use, whether it’s for clothing, upholstery, or home dΓ©cor. You will find this section at the top where, after clicking, you will have the option to choose fabrics based on its use. Categories like: Curtain Fabrics, Camp Chair Fabrics, Waterproof Clothing and many more, will make your life easier when browsing fabric.

– New fabrics and new exclusive designs! Yes! Plus many more designs are coming and they are exclusive.


In conclusion…

We are thrilled with the changes we have made to our website. We believe that it’s now easier than ever for our customers to find what they need and enjoy shopping with us.

We know that it was a lot of work behind-the-scenes, but we are confident that it was worth it to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience.


Thank you,

UK Fabrics Online.


UK Fabrics Online


For all of you that took the time to read the blog, it means the world! Thank you! A small gift for you…THANKYOUBLOG20 for 20% off for 2 DAYS ONLY just before the launch! From the 12th-13th of March ONLY!

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28 responses to “New Modern Look, Same Best Quality Fabrics”

  1. Wouldn’t it be better to have the discount after the new website launches?

    Also, please please extend your range to include lighter more technical fabrics for people who make their own hiking/backpacking gear, along the lines of US company You’d have no competition in the UK.

    • Hey Geoff!

      It would and we will have something for that day too 😍

      That is great feedback and we will definitely look into it! Do you mean adding branded fabrics or even more technical type of fabrics? What kind of fabrics would you be looking for?

      Thank you,
      UK Fabrics Online.

  2. Love your company, always been pleased with the fabrics and service provided and really looking forward to seeing the new website!
    With best wishes, Rebecca

  3. Great news! I was just heading over to make an order. Looking forward to new website. Thank you for the discount!

  4. Sounds amazing. Although I’ve not been sewing much of late I have some projects in mind so very much looking forward to visiting the new site. Good luck with the launch.

    • Hi Loli,

      We hope that the new site will be a helpful resource for you when you do start sewing again. Plus, if you read the blog post, there was something at the end that might help you start sewing again. 😊

      Thank you,
      UK Fabrics Online.

  5. Hi, looking forward to the new website.
    I would like to second what Geoff said. It really frustrates me that there is no UK equivalent to Ripstop by the Roll which leads to high postage costs posting from the US, or in Europe who will only post to UK for orders over Β£135.
    There is a growing community in the UK of people who make their own outdoor gear (MYOG), and in particular, lightweight gear. I believe this is driven in part by trends in the US where this has been going on for years and the very high (and rising) cost of outdoor. Just check out the DIY and MYOG outdoor gear groups on Facebook.
    Personally, the products I would like to see are fabrics that are lighter than 2oz/SqYd. Including waterproof fabrics for tarp shelters. And also insulation such as Apex Climashield and even down, both of which I have had difficulty finding in small quantities in the UK.
    Hope the new website launch goes smoothly!

    • Hey Charlie,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      We will definitely look into it. We already had plans to increase our already extensive range of technical waterproof fabrics with lighter fabrics so it is good to know there is already a demand for it.

      Thank you,
      UK Fabrics Online.

  6. Looking forward to the launch – only used your service once but I was impressed with the quality of fabric I chose and with the swift service. Hope to be using your site more frequently!

    • Hi Jan,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We are re thrilled to hear that you were impressed with the quality of fabric and our swift service.

      We can’t wait to launch and provide you with even more opportunities to use our website.

      Thank you,
      UK Fabrics Online.

  7. Hi I’m very pleased for you to be reopening there must be a great buzz in the office.
    Looking forward to seeing it all completed.
    Looking forward to ordering very soon.
    Wishing you all the best

    • Hi Michael,

      There is, indeed! After a few months in the works, our new website is now live and we are so proud of it.

      Hope you will like it and if you can, share your feedback!

      Thank you,
      UK Fabrics Online.

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