Our Latest Collection: Water-Repellent Abstract Floral

16th July, 2023

Water Repellent Abstract Floral


Have you ever wished you could give your outdoor furniture a new appearance when you were admiring it?

Maybe you were caught in a downpour while wearing your go-to outfit and ended up with damp, destroyed clothes as a result?

We are thrilled to present our newest line of outdoor fabrics since they are not just water-repellent but also adaptable to your own tastes.



What Are Water-Repellent Fabrics


Water repellent fabrics are textiles that are specially designed to repel water and resist moisture penetration.

Usually, a specific coating or finish is applied to these textiles, forming a barrier that keeps water droplets from penetrating the fabric’s surface.

Outdoor equipment like coats and tents, as well as furniture and home decor, frequently employ water-repellent textiles.

These textiles are a popular option for a range of applications since they may aidĀ  in preventing water damage, stains, and mould growth.

Confused about waterproof, water-repellent and water resistant? Read our blog post!



Why Would You Use Water-Repellent Fabrics



The main advantage of adopting water resistant textiles is that they offer defence against these threats.

This makes them the perfect option for furniture and home furnishings that may be exposed to dampness, as well as for outdoor gear like tents and backpacks.



Water-repellent fabrics are also well renowned for their resilience and long-lasting qualities.

They can survive exposure to the outdoors and can tolerate wear and tear without degrading or fading over time.



Printed water resistant textiles are a great option because they come in a huge selection of colours, patterns, and designs.

They may be utilised to make fashionable and practical outdoor gear as well as furniture and house accessories that go with any type of decoration.

Adding your own touch of personality into something that is made by yourself is always a bonus in making something unique.



Last but not least, printed water resistant textiles are simple to keep clean and maintain.

They are stain and mildew resistant, and they can be cleaned with a moist cloth or washed in a machine making them a sensible option for active families and outdoor lovers.



Our New Printed Water-Repellent Fabrics



Abstract Floral – Blooming Flowers – Multi


Abstract Floral – Dandelion Flowers – Autumn


Abstract Floral – Petals – Blue


Abstract Floral – Dandelion Flowers – Rose



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