How do I know if a Fabric is Suitable for Upholstery?

16th February, 2024

How do I know if a Fabric is Suitable for Upholstery?


“How do I know if a Fabric is Suitable for Upholstery?” We hear you! Choosing the right fabric for the right project is key, especially in Upholstery.

In this blog post, we will discuss the key factors that help determine whether a fabric is suitable for upholstery.


What Are Upholstery Fabrics?


Upholstery fabric is a type of textile that is used to cover furniture such as chairs, sofas, benches, footstools, pillows, cushion and many more applications.

These fabrics are typically thicker and more heavyweight than other types of fabric, as it is designed to be durable and comfortable.

If you want to learn more about Upholstery Fabrics and what they are, we have written about it!


How do I know if a Fabric is Suitable for Upholstery?


How do I know if a Fabric is Suitable for Upholstery?


Backing for Durability

After weaving, upholstery textiles are backed with certain materials for added durability and strength, helping it resist abrasions and stretching.

For example, fabrics like Plush Velvet and Chenille often haven backings for stability.



Upholstery fabrics normally designed for furniture, are crafted to be stronger and more durable than regular textiles. The main reason is to make sure it endures the daily wear and tear.

For example, fabrics like Basketweave and Tweed normally have robust compositions ensuring longevity.



Normally, upholstery fabrics are firmer, thicker, and heavier compared to regular fabrics. This is due to their specialized construction and intended use in covering furniture.

For example, our Teddy Boucle has a weight of 690gsm. In comparison, our Waterproof Nylon Ripstop has a weight of 60gsm.



Upholstery textiles can be made with different compositions, from natural to synthetic fabrics, like cotton and polyester.

For example, it is common to have natural and synthetic fibers blended together to create certain fabrics that combine the best qualities of each material.


Fire Retardancy

Very common for upholstery fabrics to have fire or flame retardancy properties for safety concerns. Especially if you are a business.

For example, almost every upholstery fabric we offer has a fire retardant backing, like our Luxury Plush Velvet.



Upholstery fabrics tend to go through rigorous quality tests, including the Martindale rub count method, ensuring their exceptional resistance to abrasions and suitability for frequent use.

For example, our Super Soft Fire Retardant Jumbo Corduroy has a Martindale Rub Score of 45,000+!




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