How To Make a Waterproof Dog Coat – Tutorial

18th August, 2023

How to make a waterproof dog coat


Hi, I am Christine from Dog Togs UK. I hand-make dog coats, neckerchief’s and other dog accessories which I sell on Etsy and at local markets.

In this blog post, I am working in collaboration with UK fabrics online who have kindly provided the fabric and I will be showing how to make waterproof dog’s coat.


How To Make a Waterproof Dog Coat


For my dog coats I use Simplicity 1239 pattern as a ‘pattern block’ so I can get the basic shape and size for different dogs.

In this tutorial I am making a coat for a family friend’s Romanian rescue dog. I have taken measurements of her around the belly, neck and length of her back.

I have taken the size large pattern as my block and adjusted the position of the belly flaps and lengthened the back to make the coat fit.


Fabric Requirements


Fabric requirements – depends on the size of coat you’re making.

For this coat I used 1m of the following fabric:



Step 1

Cut both fabrics on the fold



Step 2

Pin/ clip both fabrics together. ( at this point I sandwich my tag in between the layers)



Step 3

With right sides together, stitch front and back sections with a 1cm seam allowance leaving an opening at the bottom to turn.



Step 4

Trim down the seams and snip at the curves.



Step 5

Turn the right side out. Making sure all curves are fully out.



Step 6

Slip stitch the opening close.



Step 7

Top stitch around the whole coat at approx 0.5cm from the edge.



Step 8

Cut Velcro strips 15cm for the belly, 14cm for the neck. And pin into position. ( length depends on size of coat and dog )



Step 9

Sew on the Velcro



Step 10

Optional extra – harness hole


a. Measure down where you want the hole to start.




b. Draw a rectangle of the required length and width – (different for each harness )




c. With a narrow zig zag stitch, stitch along the rectangle




d. Cut the inside of the rectangle away.




and that is it! Waterproof Dog Coat is now complete!




If you make one, please tag @dogtogsuk and @ukfabricsonline on Instagram!


Tutorial created by Christina (@dogtogsuk) for UK Fabrics Online.

You can find her shop online on Etsy –

Facebook – @dogtogsuk

Instagram – @dogtogsuk

TikTok – @dogtogsuk

A huge thank you to Christine, owner at Dog Togs UK.


Visit us at UK Fabrics Online to check our Dog Clothing/Accessories fabric range!

If you have any questions, email us or leave a comment here.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Thank you!

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4 responses to “How To Make a Waterproof Dog Coat – Tutorial”

  1. Thanks very much for this, very helpful.

    I want to ask you about the material: Dogs sweat through paws and tongue, & not their body, so I am wondering why you are using breathable material?

    The reason I am considering making one is because I cannot buy non-breathable ones that I like. Breathable material is not as waterproof as non-breathable material, and as my dog gets super muddy, the coat needs a lot of rincing – which affects a breathable membrane.

    Could you tell me a non-breathable waterproof material that I can use? Thank you

  2. Also, I want to ask about the stitching – does piercing the waterproof material let water through (we’re out in deluges).

    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes it does. Unfortunately, it can potentially let water through because it creates tiny holes in the material, which can compromise its waterproof properties.

      To solve that problem:
      – Specific waterproof stitching methods
      – Seam sealing tape or glue

      Best regards,
      UK Fabrics Online.

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