Textura™ WP20K Ultra Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Fabric

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Our most waterproof fabric. With a Hydrostatic Head rating of 20,000mm+ this breathable fabric is suitable for all weather conditions. 

Width: 150cm

Weight: 215gsm

Compoistion: 100% polyester - 2 ply laminated with breathable membrane. 

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Textura™ WP20K Ultra Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Fabric

Our most waterproof fabric!

Textura WP20K has 2 ply construction, giving it exceptional waterproofing performance. With a hydrostatic head rating* of 20,000mm+,  Textura WP20K is suitable for all weather conditons as well as extreme sports uses such as snowboarding.

It's breathable membrane will allow hot air to escape the garment, keeping you cool and dry throughout the day. 


*Hydrostatic Head is a test of fabric waterproofing. The fabric is exposed to increasig water pressure until water is able to seep through. A hydrostatic head rating of 20,000mm+ means that a column of water 20 metres high could sit on top of the fabric without seeping through. This indicates that the fabric will remain waterproof in extreme weather conditions. 


Hydrostatic Head Rating Rating Uses
<1,000mm Water Repellant The fabric will bead water from the surface, but water might seep through in longer or more intense rainfall.
1,000mm+ Waterproof The fabric will protect the wearer from more intense rainfall for longer periods of time. Suitable to protect from rain in most day to day uses. 
5,000mm+ Waterproof Sportswear Capable of keeping the wearer dry for extended periods outdoors, in all but the heaviest rainfall. 
20,000mm+ Ultra Waterproof Sportswear Suitable for heavy rainfall, and snow, throughout the day. Suitable for extreme sportswear such as snowboarding. 
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