Is Ripstop Nylon Waterproof?

1st March, 2023

Ripstop Nylon



Nylon ripstop is one material that has grown in popularity recently. Is ripstop nylon fabric waterproof, despite its reputation for strength and tear resistance?

In this article, we examine the characteristics of nylon ripstop and its capacity for water resistance.


What is Nylon Ripstop Fabric?


Nylon ripstop fabric is crafted using a unique weaving technique that prevents tears and rips from spreading.

Skilled weavers interlace nylon fibers with thicker threads in a grid pattern, fortifying the fabric with exceptional strength and durability.

This results in a much sturdier and long-lasting material compared to regular nylon.

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Is Ripstop Nylon Waterproof?


Although nylon ripstop fabric cannot be considered entirely waterproof, it does offer water-repellent qualities.

This is because the nylon fibers used in the fabric are naturally hydrophobic, meaning they repel water on their own.

Moreover, the grid pattern of thicker threads in the weave acts as a barrier that obstructs water from seeping through the fabric. Hence, this makes ripstop fabric an excellent option for outdoor gear that might be exposed to damp or wet conditions.

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Can you waterproof ripstop nylon?


Yes, it is possible to waterproof ripstop fabric! It is a very common practice to waterproof ripstop due to its qualities and improve it further.

Ripstop fabric can be waterproofed by applying a waterproof coating such as silicone, wax or polyurethane.

The special weaving technique of ripstop makes it stronger and more resistant to tearing. The coating creates a barrier that repels water and moisture.


Ripstop Fabric


Can nylon ripstop be used for rain jackets?


Yes, nylon ripstop is a common material used for rain jackets due to its water-repellent qualities. Not only jackets, but trousers, tents and so many other applications, making it an excellent choice for outdoor gear that may be exposed to harsh elements.



In conclusion, nylon ripstop is a durable and water-resistant fabric that is commonly used in outdoor gear and clothing.

While ripstop fabric is not entirely waterproof, it does have some water-resistant qualities that make it a great choice for gear that may be exposed to wet or damp conditions.


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