The Importance of Seam Sealing

15th December, 2023


When it comes to outdoor gear and waterproofing, seam sealing tends to be overlooked, and honestly, for understandable reasons. Today, we aim to change that!

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of seam sealing and why you should make it a practice of yours.


What is Seam Sealing Anyways?


Seam sealing is like applying a protective layer to the seams of outdoor gear to ensure they remain waterproof.

It involves applying a protective barrier to the stitched seams of items like jackets, tents, or backpacks.

The goal is to prevent the seams to be vulnerable where water might seep in and to act as a shield, preventing moisture from compromising the integrity of your gear.


Why Skip it, though?



Everything passes by us so quickly where we barely have time for it all. Yet, like many small things that contribute to huge victories, this is one of them.



Believe it or not, not everyone knows they should be doing it but that is why we are here. Take it like a secret tip for extra waterproofing.


Complexity (or lack of it)

People think it is complicated, but it is definitely not. It is actually simpler than it seams. (Sorry, not sorry)



Lastly, buying the materials might be a bit pricey for some which is understandable but will be paid with extra years of life for your gear.



The Importance of Seam Sealing




The primary objective of seam sealing is to act as a barrier, preventing water intrusion into your gear.

Unsealed seams, if left untreated, can create vulnerabilities that allow water to permeate and potentially compromise the effectiveness of your equipment.




Being out in the elements and using your outdoor gear every day can wear it down. In this case, seam sealing becomes the solution as it acts as protective coat, giving your gear a longer life.




Instead of buying new stuff, seam sealing is a smart way to fix it without breaking the bank. It keeps your gear waterproof and saves you money. Win-win!



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