Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabrics can be stretched by various amounts depending on their construction - from a small amount like our stretch satin or a large amount of stretch in the form of spandex (lycra). Stretch fabrics are also split into two distinct categories:

2-Way Stretch: These fabrics can be stretched in one direction only. The most common kind of 2-way stretch stretches from selvedge to selvedge, but other types stretch parallel to the selvedge or diagonally depending on the knit. These stretch fabrics are best used in clothing where you need a elastic waist, but don't want the garment to sag downwards.

4-Way Stretch: These fabrics can be stretched in all directions. The stretch is often the same both ways, but some 4-way stretch fabrics can have different amount of stretch in different directions. The most common 4-way stretch fabric is spandex (lycra).

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