Lycra & Spandex Fabrics

Spandex, which is often referred to as lycra, is a synthetic fibre renowned for its outstanding elasticity. This strong and durable material, which can stretch up to five times its length, has been a key component in the design of a wide range of garments.

The fact that it returns to its original shape after stretching and dries quicker than most ordinary fabrics makes it a fine choice for those looking to create the skin-tight effect in their clothing. With such exceptional benefits, it really is no wonder this fabric is one of our most popular products here at UK Fabrics Online.

In our online shop, you will be able to pick from a wide selection of high quality spandex fabrics. Whether you need to use the material to make sportswear, dance outfits or fancy dress costumes, we have plenty of choice available when it comes to spandex.