Suede is a smooth textured type of leather, popularly used to make clothing, fashion accessories and upholster furniture. There are also a number of alternatives to suede, one of these is the popular polyester faux suede fabric, which commonly appeals to consumers who prefer a non-animal alternative without compromising on quality. With that in mind, our online fabric shop offers a wide range of faux suede fabrics available by the metre.

Our high quality faux suede fabrics are a cheaper alternative to expensive full-grain leathers, without compromising on the feel and durability of the fabric. Along side our faux suede fabic, we also another synthetic suede alternative with our suedette fabric. Will all of benefits of faux suede fabric, our suedette fabric is high popular due to its flexibility and lovely soft finish.

Our range of stylish and contemporary faux suede and suedette fabrics are an ideal way to help transform your interior furnishings and wardrobe. This includes upholstering furnishings such as chairs, cushions, dog covers and curtains. They are also a great fashion fabric for jackets, skirts, handbags and craft projects.