Our Story


UK Fabrics Online is a company that has been built from humble beginnings.


Founded by Simon Hallewell in Stockport, Greater Manchester, the company started in Simon's garage with a few bolts of fabric and racking given to him by a larger textile company.

Simon's passion for textiles and his drive to succeed led him to start UK Fabrics Online, and he quickly realized that he had a talent for sourcing high-quality fabrics and delivering them to customers all over the United Kingdom.

However, just 9 months into the business, Simon realized that he needed to change the premises due to the noise and traffic generated by the trucks delivering the fabric. His neighbors were complaining, and even his wife was not happy with the amount of trucks arriving. Simon moved the company to Houldsworth Mill in Stockport, where he hired his first employee 14 months after starting out.


Over the next three years, Simon continued to grow the business, hiring four more employees and increasing revenue and order sizes by three times. The employees brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company, and together they worked to build a reputation for high-quality fabrics and excellent customer service.

In 2010, UK Fabrics Online made another move, this time to Pear Mill, also in Stockport.


The move to Pear Mill allowed the company to expand its operations and take advantage of the latest technologies to streamline its processes and better serve its customers.

From 2010, the company has continued to grow, and while some employees have come and gone, the core team has remained dedicated to providing high-quality fabrics and excellent customer service.

Today, UK Fabrics Online is the UK's leading waterproof fabric supplier, is a thriving company with over 10 employees, all of whom are dedicated to serving customers and providing the best quality fabrics, slowly and surely branching out to different categories.

The company has a rich history and a bright future, and it is well-positioned to continue serving customers and thriving in the years to come. Whether you are looking for a specific type of fabric or just need some inspiration, UK Fabrics Online is the company you can turn to for all your textile needs.

Thank you!