Fabric Sample


Please read this before ordering samples.

Please select how many samples you would like by using the 'metres' box below. If you would like 4 samples then please select 4 in the 'metres' box, and write down the 4 samples you would like in the "Samples Requested" box. If you only want one then please leave the meters box on 1 and write down the one sample you would like. If you order 1 sample but write down 4 different fabrics then we will send the first fabric written down.

Please be advised that due to very high demand we're only able to process 5 samples per order.

Please note that not all products are available for samples. We will refund if we are unable to send you samples - you can contact us to double check before ordering samples.

The quantity of samples is entered into the (metres*) box. Samples are roughly 5cm by 5cm, but can vary in size.

  • Please check the product page to see if the fabric is in stock before ordering. We do not store pre-cut samples.

Postage will be added from Royal Mail 1st Class rates.

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