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Purple is known for showing wealth and opulence, making it a popular choice for all kinds of different uses including evening dresses for women, shirts for men and fashion accessories such as scarves and bags but is also often used in home interiors and outdoor furniture. You can guarantee that no matter what you need your purple fabric for, we’ll have the perfect type for you here at UK Fabrics Online.

Our extensive collection of purple fabrics covers a variety of types and shades including paler colours such as lilac fabric, all the way to your deeper, darker shades such as aubergine and plum fabric. Within our collection of purple materials, we have a range of fabric types such as velvet, cotton, silk and more, as well as a range of waterproof, sport and sequin fabrics in purple colours.

You can purchase the majority of our purple fabric by the metre which makes it easy to buy the quantity you need at the price that suits your budget, so if you need purple material for a project or business you’re working on, look no further than UK Fabrics Online. 

Purple Fabric

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